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Early Childhood Family Education
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  • 2024/2025 Peek into Preschool All Year (34 months - 4 years by 9/1)

    Peek into Preschool:: We recognize that children develop along a continuum and this class is perfect for children who are working towards the independent skills needed for preschool. This unique blend of parent/child time and peer group interaction offers an introductory preschool experience. The Parent/child day includes playtime together followed by a circle time and lastly a time for separation where parents will have the opportunity to support each other in discussions led by one of our parent and family educators . Parents must register and attend the parent/child class day on Mondays with Wednesday being a child only day which allows your child to begin to gain independence and self confidence. Supply List: 1 Plastic Folder Kleenex Wet Wipes Markers Crayons